Negligence in Kolkata today killed 18 and injured almost 78 people. Several are still buried under an avalanche of metal and concrete after a bridge under construction for 7 years snapped in two. 
As we speak several others are still trapped; their families are anxiously awaiting word but the politicians led by the ruling party the TMC in the run up to elections are too busy milking this tragedy. 
Mamata is passing the buck to the Left which has a whole host of its own reasons to blame the ruling dispensation. Additionally NewsX tracked down the builder of the bridge to Hyderabad where he blithely dismissed the tragedy as an “act of god”. He didn’t tell us why he missed 9 deadlines since 2011 after the Left commissioned him in 2007. He didn’t tell us why he is under investigation for cheating tsunami survivors in Puducherry. 
No one is answering the most basic question. How is it that a builder with dodgy credentials was allowed to continue work on the bridge even after he was blacklisted in at least two States for using sub-standard material in construction activities? 
The State government has ordered a probe, not an independent probe mind you, as demanded by the CBI to investigate why the project was expedited to ensure work was completed before the onset of elections. Can a probe ordered by the State government to investigate itself ever fairly determine why a bridge with a controversial design was given the go-ahead in the first place — unlikely.