At 8:40 pm yesterday evening, a 35-year-old man was murdered on the streets of Delhi. 
His fault, Sidhartha Sharma was trying to cross the road from the zebra crossing. He was mowed down by a speeding Mercedes, driven by minor rich kids. What happened next was more astonishing. The rich father of the rich kid reaches hospital and dares the victim to act against him and his brute kids — arrogant and unrepentant.
No action has been taken either against the car owner or the killer kids. Believe it or not, the police so far has just issued a notice to the accused family.
Siddhartha’s killers are arrogant, because they know the toothless rash driving law cannot reach them. From Salman Khan to Sanjeev Nanda, hit and run cases have proved one thing beyond doubt — if you have money, you can get easily away. And the punishment they get for killing you, me or innocents like Siddhartha on the roads — 2 years!