On Monday night, at around 11 pm, the father of the minor accused, who had mowed down Siddhartha, entered the hospital where his son’s body was kept, so, when Siddhartha’s family confronted him, he had only one thing to say, “Do whatever you want, I’ll see”; the arrogance, the unrepentant attitude was on full display.

Even after murdering a hapless man they were arrogant because they knew that the law won’t be able to ever catch them or punish them.

They knew that Siddhartha’s death was just yet another death on the road, which will be forgotten soon. They knew that they have deep pockets to subvert the law and silence the police.

Two days later, that’s exactly what is happening in the capital of the country.

The killer is out on bail; his father, a rich man, who allowed his son to go out and wreak havoc, has been booked under a weak section of the law. The police is silent and inert.

After killing Siddhartha, they’re mocking all of us. They will continue to kill us on the road and our families will be fighting for justice all their lives.

But, a tragedy can also be turned into an opportunity, so that we don’t have to sacrifice another Siddharth on a busy road.

The hope is that this time around, India won’t watch in silence; that this time we won’t allow them to get away. If the rape law could change after Nirbhaya, if ragging could become a serious offence after Aman Kachroo’s death — why not a strict law on road safety for Siddhartha and for India?