There comes a point sometimes when one can’t help feeling that there is something very wrong with the manner in which our political class perceives us — the people.
That point was reached today. Under fire for not doing enough for the drought-affected people of Maharashtra the government today dispatched a ‘water train’ bearing 5 lakh 40 thousand litres of water for Latur’s thirsty citizens.
The problem is that this quantity of water will have to be shared by over 3.8 lakh citizens. If you do the math, this translates into just about 5 glasses of water per person per day. When you consider that the next train will roll in after 5 days it means that each citizen basically will get one glass a day to live on. If this isn’t a cruel joke in the name of relief then what is? If this isn’t contempt then what is?
These cold and cruel facts prompt us to ask — How can a state that can spare only 5 glasses of drinking water per person per day justify the use of 5 lakh litres of water for irrigating one IPL pitch?