The courts today instilled a sense of humanity in the transactory minds of our netas and cricket administrators who were about to put a price on human life.
Had it not been for the conscientious eminence of the judge, the BCCI’s czars with a little help from the state govt would have succeeded in paying Rs 10 crores to buy their way out of a moral conundrum. Would it have been justifiable to splurge a whopping 40 lakh litres on watering IPL pitches when lakhs in the state of Maharashtra were thirsting to drink a drop of water?
It’s not so much that they were thwarted that matters. It’s the fact that they even attempted such a mercenarian stunt. 
The stand taken by the state government and the BCCI raise disturbing questions:
Did the state by accepting BCCI’s 10 cr ‘dole’ indicate that cash is a substitute for water? 
If water could solve the problems of drought then why did the state govt not spend its entire budgeted allocation for water resources? 
If the state govt cares so much why did it take the courts to ask the BCCI to shift the IPL out of Maharashtra?