After being at the receiving end of the BJP on the heels of the explosive NewsX report, former home minister P Chidambaram has finally come out with a defence.
Deftly sidestepping the real issue — is the fallout of the Ishrat video proof shown first on NewsX — Chidambaram instead raked up the ‘fake’ encounter question, citing that to be the real issue for him. 
However, what Chidambaram is deafeningly silent on is why the forensic clean-chit over Ishrat was rejected. What Chidambaram claims he doesn’t know and what the then SIT Chief Satish Verma won’t clarify is, were Modi and Shah ‘fixed’ in the Ishrat case?
But on the heels of the home minister’s denial comes yet another big twist in the Ishrat case. Former undersecretary in the home ministry, and one of the core whistleblowers in the case, RVS Mani has dismissed Chidambaram’s plea of ignorance about the Ishrat forensic report which essentially gave a clean-chit to the Gujarat police. Mani has claimed that given that the probe team consisted of senior officials from AIIMS and CFSL both centrally run institutes, it’s inconceivable that the then home minister was unaware of their findings.