Tonight, India is faced with the unthinkable. 
For the first time on Indian television, three secret phone calls between the AgustaWestland Italian middlemen and their Indian counterparts paint a chilling tale. 
NewsX is the only channel to have accessed the translations and transcripts of these phone calls. In them there is a single thread a trail of crumbs that indicates that somewhere in the most closely guarded corridors and secret vaults of this country’s establishment someone or some group was systematically leaking information to the ‘dalals’ of Agusta. 
The phone calls reveal, in quite vivid detail, the extent to which the middlemen knew just exactly how close the authorities in Italy and India were getting to them. They reveal that the middlemen were given ample warning and time to destroy crucial data, emails, files and paper trails that would’ve blown the cover of what could be the decades biggest scam. 
This is not just about money or greased palms or percentage takers. This is now about India’s security, if and indeed if, a group of well-heeled businessmen with a few hundred thousand Euros to throw around can breach India’s security firewall, the consequences are too grave to imagine. The truth is out there for the sake of India, we now must find it fast.