Big breaking development this evening is in connection with the Agusta kickback case. For the first time NewsX will reveal the names of the Agusta bribe takers.
Our investigations have led us to sources in the enforcement directorate who have shared with us never before revealed names of those who directly benefitted in India from the kickbacks handed out by fronts for AgustaWestland and Finmeccanica.
The names contained in a yellow diary of an Indian lawyer described as a vital cog in the wheel by Italian investigators provide an insight into when and to who the money flowed.
This diary is the most substantive list yet of the individuals who were allegedly gratified in exchange for services rendered to secure AgustaWestland the nearly 4,000 crore contract for 12 VVIP choppers. The enforcement directorate has decoded these names in the course of investigations but for some reason these individuals haven't been booked.
What differentiates the entries of this diary from the note recovered from the middlemen in Italy is that eyewitnesses have attested to their genuineness and what's more so has the individual who it was recovered from. In that sense this is the most actionable evidence in possession of investigators in India.
For the last few months ED has painstakingly collated notes from the IAF and the MoD to reconstruct how the IAF made a dramatic u-turn to suddenly favour Agusta under suspicious circumstances. 
The ED's investigations undermine the UPA’s and former Air Marshal Tyagi's claims that the NDA was the one that was lowering the criteria to benefit Agusta.
The disclosure tonight will re-spark a bitter political back and forth between the Congress and the BJP over who really has given the kickback givers a wide berth.