Murder of Aditya Sachdeva is now turning into a familiar script. It took cops more than two days to apprehend the accused who is now making political statements. Well-briefed he is. Yes, Rocky Yadav says he has full faith in judiciary and his name cropping up in the murder case is a conspiracy. However, for the common man for whom justice comes at a huge economic, personal, emotional and social cost sees a different conspiracy – a conspiracy to protect the hunter. What else explains the police leaving their own fingerprints on what they claim to be the murder weapon?
What else explains the cops not seeking police custody? Rocky now has enough time and resources to influence the probe. The stories of criminals accessing cellphones and even holding public meetings in their cells are not unheard of. Even legal eagles are horrified. And as I said, the case is evidently taking the familiar script – of justice first being delayed and then denied. Here’s a report.