Old habits die hard and ending social vices is certainly an uphill task. So when BJP’s Rajya Sabha member Tarun Vijay lent support to dalits in Uttarakhand trying to enter temples he got a taste of atrocities that have for long bled so-called low-caste people.
Tarun Vijay was stoned; he bled and had to be escorted by cops. The sight of so-called low-caste people at the temple was too much to bear for the so-called upper-caste people and they responded with violence.
Uttarakhand has more than 300 temples that deny entry to dalits. It might come as a surprise but is indeed the reality of 21st century India.
Today’s attack also reminds us of women rights activists of the Bhumata brigade who have been fighting to gain entry to sanctum sanctorum of temples.
But the moot question is this: what will it take to change the mindset and social conditioning that has been passed on over generations to end this discrimination?