Every Friday Pak and ISIS flags are waved in the heart of Srinagar. It’s a routine that goes on with impunity and in the presence of police officials.Governments in the past have termed those waving Pak and ISIS flags asmisguided youth.
The BJP shares power with PDP in J&K but BJP’s student wing ABVP has been blacklisted in all educational institutions in the Jammu region. Bizarre as it sounds, this is the stunning irony in Kashmir today.
ABVP which is a registered and recognized student body is the largest in terms of membership, but for reasons best known to the J&K University, has been barred from holding any function or event in college campuses. In other words, while the agents and separatist elements continue to operate with brazen impunity, a student body like ABVP finds itself barred in Kashmir.
The situation has embarrassed the BJP and party leaders in the state and at the center. They have condemned the move assuring that the issue will be looked into with priority.
The developments on the ground have forced us to ask some basic questions. On what basis has the ABVP been blacklisted from colleges across J&K? Why is the state government not identifying and punishing the Pak agents who insult India every Friday? By virtually banning ABVP, is the Mehbooba government implying that the Sangh affiliate is a threat to society?