Written proof has surfaced of the Congress decline and its leadership’s tenuous hold over the party and the culture of sycophancy that has possibly reduced the party to a pale shadow of its former self.
In a document that has come to surface all newly elected members of the Congress party have been asked to declare their allegiance to the Gandhis and that they will not leave the party.
It’s a bond of sorts indenturing these MLAs to the Gandhi family. How the Congress got these MLAs to sign on by subsuming their dignity is anyone’s guess.
For the record the Congress said these MLAs were not forced to sign this affidavit swearing themselves to the service of the Gandhis. But  it’s a claim that can’t be taken on face value simply because all Congress MLAs have signed on the document.
It is just too much of a coincidence. The BJP and several other parties have torn into the Congress condemning the culture of sycophancy. The attacks on the Congress that have been poorly defended by hapless spokespersons raise several questions.
Are loyalty pacts a confirmation that the Congress is just a family fief? Doesn’t the Congress trust the commitment of its MLAs to its ideology and leadership? Has Congress undermined the dignity and self-respect of their MLAs? Are MLAs serving the people in the name of the constitution or Gandhi family? Is the party’s hold over its MLAs so tenuous that it has to resort
to loyalty pacts?