The file noting revealed for the first time that even before the nations’ top anti-terror agency could begin a probe a core group of bureaucrats on UPA Home minister Chidambaram’s team were convinced of the possibility of the  involvement of Hindu groups. The noting raised several questions.
First and most obvious, why was it automatically assumed that Samjhauta blast must be bunched with other cases where the possibility of links to Hindu groups existed?
Second and more worrying is whether this noting proves that the national investigative agencies’ sleuths were coached into injecting a Hindu terror angle by ministry officers who were pre-disposed to believe this?
This notion is hard to escape when we consider that second file noting reveals that the home secretary himself has posited that the Haryana police have reached a dead end virtually ensuring that the NIA took over the case.
Today NewsX has gone beyond the noting and we have managed to speak to those that were directly monitoring the probe into the Samjhauta blast at the centre.
For the first time on national TV one of the Haryana SIT team members breaks her silence – Bharati Arora who was first at the blast site and part of the original Haryana state police SIT investigating Samjhauta.