‘Udta Punjab’ a film about alleged rampant drug abuse in Punjab has run into major trouble with the censor board, with reports suggesting that the board has asked for the word ‘Punjab’ to be dropped from the title.
In fact the board also wants 89 cuts to be made to obliterate cuss words in the film.
But the objections are not just creative – the Badals worried about the impact the film might have on the upcoming elections in the state were the ones who red flagged the film objecting to the title considering that they are in alliance with the ruling party at the centre.
Their objections seem to have found resonance with the censor board. The question is – isn’t by censoring a film that brings this issue into the mainstream akin to dangerously burying your head in the sand? Do the Badals have a reason to fear the film? And what about the creativity of the
filmmakers, not to mention our right to decide for ourselves?