For months on end we’ve heard our esteemed members of parliament wipe their brows with righteous indignation and rant and rave over tycoons who’ve robbed India. From black money, to loan defaulters, much has been said by legislators in parliament to extract maximum political mileage to the discomfort of the government of the day.
But they all have something to hide. Something that they’re supposed to tell us, but for 2 straight years as many as 91 of them have not.
What they’re worth, what properties they own, what money they have in the bank? It’s a mandatory requirement as a member of parliament, but from party chiefs to in some cases all the party MPs have been suspiciously laggard or even conspicuously callous.
A NewsX RTI investigation now names and shames. The faces will shock you,
even if they don’t surprise you.
In an age of probity and accountability, how is it these netas have gotten away with not disclosing even their official assets to you — the people who vote for them, the people who sweat to pay them from your taxes.  Today, we’re demanding accountability.