This debate we’re having tonight is being conducted in the shadow of an attempt by the Censor Board to inject 92 cuts in a film that purports to insult Punjab. It is being conducted in the backdrop of a debate where a comedian was accused of insulting Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar.
Outraged netas called for Tanmay Bhatt’s prosecution. Raj Thackeray’s party even filed an FIR against Tanmay Bhat. So much sound and fury over their alleged transgressions but not one voice of indignation has risen from the ranks of the very same netas when one of their own has sought to threaten an entire community. Yes not an icon or two, but an entire community.
VHP leader, Sadhvi Prachi has in the most graphic terms threatened with dire consequences the entire Muslim community. 36 hours have passed she is still free. No FIR, no case. What’s more emboldened by the inaction she ranted again this time abusing Muslim clerics.
In fact, we are shocked to report today when NewsX confronted some of the parties who have a direct stake in taking action against VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi and they advised us to ignore her.
What’s the message they are attempting to convey through this ostrich like approach? Is it that we must allow bigots to target communities? That xenophobia is a happily ignorable offence?
These parties and netas may actually see an opportunity in the Sadhvi’s hate mongering. We all know that in a few months UP will go to the polls. Polarisation is the weapon that all parties are banking on to score votes. A start is being made today from the fringe. Tomorrow, it will be mainstream leaders.
Will India mutely look on; should you close your eyes?