It’s the third biggest document-based twist in the office of profit scandal that has engulfed the AAP government in the capital.
NewsX has accessed 21 depositions of the AAP MLAs to the Election Commission. In these 21 depositions the AAP MLAs have meticulously listed the reasons why they shouldn’t be disqualified. Curiously in each of these depositions they have likened themselves to interns, saying that they don’t take any perks by the way of an office space, car or office machinery.
In fact they have even come out and clearly stated in their depositions that they have been tasked with no roles or specific functions. Now, their depositions raise several questions. If the MLAs claim they had ‘no responsibilities’ so what was the purpose of their appointment?
If they claim they got no office, why is there a government order to allot room numbers? If the defense is that they did ‘no official work’, then why is the CM saying they had ‘responsibilities’?