On Tuesday, NewsX set the news agenda by putting out each of the depositions by ‘AAP’s special 21’ MLAs. It is these ‘intern files’ which are still available only with NewsX that have succeeded in piercing through the web of half-truths which were put out by AAP Supremo and Delhi cm Arvind Kejriwal today.
What was meant to be a robust defence turned out to be an embarrassing slew of self-goals by Kejriwal. The first contradiction arises from the fact that while these parliamentary secretaries declared themselves as interns, before the EC, Kejriwal has imbued them with the halo of responsibility.
Second, while the interns claimed to be mere volunteers of the ministers, Kejriwal has elevated them as the eyes, arms and legs of his government. These obvious contradictions unfortunately go against the grain of norm and precedents set down to define the office of profit.
Even Kejriwal’s defence that ‘others did it too’, also don’t fly for a key reason. No government in the past has gone to appoint a whopping 21 parliamentary secretaries, because they flout a basic constitutional mandate — the 10% rule.
Kejriwal’s cabinet, which includes the ministers and his parliamentary secretaries amount to 28 — in other words, four times the permissible limit of seven.
Mr Kejriwal’s answers have not added up so far. Tonight we aim to glean the reasons behind this deliberate obfuscation of the facts.