For three nights on this show, we have been chipping away at the neatly arranged arguments of the Aam Aadmi party in defence of its controversial move to appoint 21 parliamentary secretaries.
Today, we take it a little further. In my hand is this internal assessment note of the courts and references section of the election commission. This note, worryingly for Kejriwal, concludes that the AAP govt ignored the fact that the Delhi members of legislative assembly act of 1997 did not allow for parliamentary secretaries for ministers.
In fact the act only allowed parliamentary secretary to be appointed for a chief minister. For hundred days, this basic rule was flouted. On the 100th day, the AAP suddenly moved a bill in the assembly to legitimise the position of the 21 AAP MLAs, that too with retrospective effect.
This according to former bureaucrats and election commissioners constitutes a grave impropriety. In fact, the head of the joint parliamentary committee on office of profit has gone to the extent of saying that the AAP has no case and that these 21 AAP MLAs should quit on moral grounds.
Tonight, we will ask Kejriwal and his supporters why after this expose they still think they have a case to stay on in office.