It’s the biggest question that has confronted Indian security experts for the past 7 and half years. Were the 26/11 attacks that scarred Mumbai for life preventable?
That is indeed the truth, according to a senior retired official of the Intelligence Bureau, who insists that the Indian Intelligence wings were indeed forewarned of an impending sea-borne terror attack, but chose to go against their basic instinct of acting against it.
But it’s not inaction due to incompetence, but out of compulsion. Rajendra Kumar claims that the reason Indian Intelligence officials chose to sit on critical inputs was because they had already burnt their hands in the Ishrat Jehan and Sohrabudding encounter cases and was wary of further prosecution from the UPA govt.
For weeks, NewsX has been at the forefront of bringing you the truth behind the Ishrat Jehan encounter case. It seems now that the truth cost us 166 innocent lives.