Big hypocrisy in the capital. The RSS, arguably the most nationalistic organisation in this country has stunned one and all by inviting Pakistan envoy Abdul Basit, who wines and dines anti-nationals for iftar dinner.
The move has sent shockwaves because it is in total contrast to the government that has just upbraided the ambassador of Pakistan’s terror tricks for stirring trouble in India. The venue for this sell-out to India’s enemies is the parliament annexe building. 
What’s worth noting is that Mr. Basit will attend this iftar party just 3 days after having hosted a traitor party where Pak diplomats party with India haters like Geelani, Mirwaiz and Yasin Malik. In fact, Pak envoy Basit has made it a routine to needle India by dining with Pak agents and anti-national. 
He is the face of the most insensitive anti-India remarks especially with regard to 26/11. 
Has the RSS that pulled up and single-handedly discredited Hindutva poster boy L K Advani for his remarks about Jinnah, the lead proponent of the divisive two nation theory changed its stripes? After all Basit represents at the diplomatic level a country that believes in the two nation theory that the RSS has always stood against.