With righteous indignation the women’s panel condemned Salman’s rape analogy, sharply demanded a public apology and ominously threatened to issue summons.
But Salman’s response has been one of total indifference. He couldn’t care less for the women’s panel’s show cause notice. In fact with barely 24 hours
to go for the deadline set by the women’s rights body to lapse, Salman hasn’t even bothered to reply, leave alone apologise for insulting rape
victims. To be sure, Salman isn’t the first to defy the National Commission for Women.
But if a celebrity youth icon of his stature does so, lesser mortals won’t think twice about it either. The latest snub will only re-inforce the
impression that the women’s panel is merely of ornament value – a body of verbose vigilantes appointed for the express purpose of paying lip serve to women rights and equality.
Is Salman right in defying the panel or has the panel played to thegalleries by issuing a summons that it knows it can’t enforce?