Days ahead of the release of his latest big budget film ‘Madaari’ actor Irrfan Khan has courted controversy by calling upon Muslims to introspect on certain rituals performed during the holy month of Ramzan. The actor has touched upon sensitive subjects ranging from the concept of ‘qurbani’ and ‘fasting’. Irrfan has said that the meaning of qurbani is to sacrifice something which is close to you instead of any goat or sheep which people just buy to sacrifice. His remarks have kicked up a storm. 
Clerics have heaped scorn on Irrfan accusing him of insulting the faith. One even went as far as to keep his mouth shut and stick to acting. But a number of Muslims have supported Irrfan. The support from some quarters has given Irrfan the confidence of lashing out at the clerics and conservatives. 
In a tweet a few hours ago Irrfan has dismissed clerics and thanked God that he doesn’t live in a country governed by religious contractors. The back and forth between Irrfan and the conservatives is happening in the foreground of a massive concurrent debate on the uniform civil code. 
The government has set into motion consultations to determine whether the concept of parity in law for all faiths can be legislated for timely adoption. Irrfan’s musings bring the focus back on the need for religions to reform with changing times.