Our netas have never really shied away from outrageous ego trips, but on Thursday, NewsX exposed a 400 crore castle built on the woes of the downtrodden.
For the past 3 years, Akhilesh Yadav has been seeking aid to the tune of almost a 1000 crore per year from the centre for his debt-ridden state. Yet he thinks nothing of spending 400 crores on an ivory tower to satiate his own ego.
To put it in perspective, it’s almost 25% of the entire money spent by the state to tackle a crippling drought in over 50 districts of the state, which is comparable to the money spent on rural growth and state infrastructure and way more than that spent on mid-day meals for kids.
What’s been equally distressing is the studied silence of Akhilesh, his mantris and his babus to NewsX’s pressing questions. They may consider themselves to be above accountability to you, but NewsX will ensure that this outrage doesn’t die down, till they are forced to answer.