India on Monday bid a heart wrenching adieu to a promising daughter!
A young woman who had worked her way into one of the world’s top colleges, Tarishi Jain dared to dream big. But her aspirations were cruelly cut short by a bloody terror attack plotted in Pakistan but remotely triggered in Dhaka. 
Bangladesh authorities have revealed to NewsX that not only was this attack plotted in Pakistan but the nation’s spy agency, the ISI, was instrumental in putting together the team that carried it out. The revelations mean that Pakistan once again has Indian blood on its hands and that no city from Kabul to Delhi to Dhaka is safe from Pakistan’s terror tentacles. But despite this the Indian government continues to look away blithely. Even after Pampore, it was business as usual.
Whether it is Dhaka or Pampore, a couple of big mantris will come out, issue a few routine condolence messages and then promptly head to an Iftar party, where they will clink sherbet glasses with the Pakistan envoy. Is this a fair tribute to our jawans and our citizens? Doesn’t Tarishi Jain deserve a little more? Hasn’t the time come for this government to demonstrably punish Pakistan? And if the answer is no, then why not?