Another shocking suicide by a Karnataka top cop Dy SP MK Ganapathy has jolted the entire police community in Karnataka and millions across the country.
What is perhaps the most shocking detail in a series of shocking revelations by various cops is the direct blame the deceased cop has placed at the door of a controversial minister in the Siddharamaiah cabinet KJ George. He’s also named two top senior officials of the Karnataka police in his dying video declaration, blaming vested interests as well as concerted attempts at blocking police work on the nexus between politicians and various entrenched mafias.
This is not an isolated development as many cops in the past few years have come out and ascribed similar motives to various politicians and police top brass. In fact a hapless police force comprising of lower and middle level cops went on a mass strike to protest the kind of treatment meted out to them by their seniors.
Now the big question is this. If a senior minister has been named in the dying declaration of suicide by Ganapathy, why is there no FIR against the men named in the suicide note?
The fact that KJ George refuses to step down during the probe, which to be fair has been ordered, does that also indicate that the probe cannot be free or fair or impartial? Why is the government being evasive as far as the circumstances of Ganapathy’s suicide is concerned? Should other cops in the state be worried about their fate given the fact that so many others are either seen to be hounded out of the force or in more extreme cases end up dead?