A landmark judgment by a constitutional bench of the Apex Court of the country delivered a second consecutive blow to the central government. After Uttarakhand it’s now Arunachal Pradesh.
The Supreme Court today came down heavily on the governor Rajkhowa and declared that all his actions in the run up to the Nabam Tuki government’s dismissal were illegal. The court has restored the status quo that existed before 15th of December. Now this is important politically, no doubt.
It is the second big embarrassment to the BJP, and the central government despite spokespersons today trying to put up some semblance of a defense in light of the court judgment, there was a clear effort to try and put the onus on the Congress party with the line of defence being that the Congress couldn’t put their house in order and hence the chaos, confusion and the eventual breaking up of the Congress party in Arunachal.
It was the same line the BJP had taken after the Uttarakhand fiasco. Now the Arunachal Pradesh judgement has given the Congress party an issue to play with, at least for a while.
And the BJP is not going to be happy about it given the kind of statements coming from the Congress today. The party is all set to capitalise on the issue and has already made it clear that it will ask for the governor’s resignation, although it is not clear that the party will go back to an obstinate position on GST. That’s still iffy because that would isolate Congress further.
But rest assured there will be a spectacle come the 18th when parliament resumes. The judgement has also given ammunition to the likes of Arvind Kejriwal who has attacked the BJP and the PM using the court’s harsh words for the governor to attack the central government.
In this context, we believe it is extremely important to discuss the wanton use of Article 356 by successive central governments, including Congress governments in the past. Has the provision become a tool for powerful central governments to use as and when it suits their political needs? Is that not dangerous for democracy in this country?