Another provocation by Pakistan today. If Nawaz Sharif ‘s initial statements on Kashmir were akin to adventurism, the latest move to depute a team of envoys to “probe” what is happening in Jammu and Kashmir has clearly crossed the line.
The Indian government has reacted sharply to say the least and has shot off a reply warning not just Pakistan but the world community at large that meddling or trying to interfere in internal affairs of the country will not be tolerated.
The fact that Pakistan has started believing that due to what is happening in Kashmir it can attempt to internationalise the issue once again is as clear as day. But so is the fact that such a “probe” has absolutely no standing or legitimacy in the eyes of either India or any other country.
But Pakistan has not stopped from raking up the issue prompting many to ask why shouldn’t India take a stringer stance and take steps that are unprecedented either diplomatically or otherwise. The constant needling and provocation is also testament to two things.
One, that Pakistan clearly sees the unrest in Kashmir which has come after a lull in violence as an opportunity to drum up its propaganda worldwide on Kashmir after coming a cropper in the recent past. Kashmir fatigue and the changing relationship of India with world powers like the US and Russia have taken care of that and two of the latest series of provocative statements are also an indication of an under-pressure Nawaz Sharif.