The past week has seen India been particularly decisive and tough in its speech and actions against Pakistan. From openly calling it out for meddling in India’s internal affairs and stoking the fires of unrest in the Kashmir valley, to using diplomatic snubs to expose Pakistan as a terror state – India has remained firm on its stand, despite every nefarious attempt by Pakistan to needle it.

But what about the enemy within? For the past many weeks, NewsX has been exposing these terror apologists who won’t shed a tear when our braves are martyred by cowardice, but will cry hoarse every time a terrorist is gunned down. Now, these apologists have been used as Trojan horses to hit India where it hurts.

In a response to Minister of External Affair Sushma Swaraj’s tough talk, Pakistan foreign advisor claimed that, India’s conscientious voices raised concerns on brutality in the Institute of Knowledge. Has Pakistan now started using Indians against India?