On the eve of India’s 69th independence day children in 21st century India can’t go to school because of water logging in Gurugram which is touted to be one of India’s new age wonder cities.
On the eve of India’s 69th independence day commuters are literally fishing on the roads of one of 21st century India’s cyber hubs the garden city of Bengaluru because water is streaming down from a lake which is choked by illegal construction and mountains of debris.
Neither ‘smart’ nor ‘swachh’ seasonal rains have brought with it a deluge of questions and a big reality check for our elected representatives that promised to transform your lives. The questions are being asked by an angry public because they are being taxed to the gills. Several viewers have asked us here on NewsX today that if the annual budget is intended to raise revenues for basic welfare services like health, education and sanitation then why they are paying additional cesses under these heads?
Consider the facts last fiscal NDA has collected 3,902 crores via ‘swachh bharat’ tax but are cities are not qualitatively any cleaner than before. If welfare services including sanitation services are to be funded through cesses then is normal revenue collected by other direct taxes through the budget being squandered on sops to vested interests? Perhaps the time has come to demand an end of taxation by stealth and roll back cesses like ‘swachh baharat’ tax.
I get the feeling after watching today’s pictures that we’re being taken for granted. The tax payer is being cheated. What we’re getting instead is tokenism. What else explains the blithe manner in which our netas jump to change the names of cities? It is almost as if changing their names will make them livable. The time has come for our netas to end this sham.