Last week, when the entire world had seemingly forsaken Narsingh Yadav, we at NewsX were the first to stand by him. Because we believed that Narsingh was robbed by a corrupt system that rewarded money above merit. We believed that Narsingh deserved to have a payoff for the years of blood, sweat, and toil that lays the foundation for realising the cherished dream of making India proud at the highest echelon of world sport.
Today, NewsX is proud to say that Narsingh Yadav stands vindicated, after he has been cleared of all charges by the National Anti-Doping Authority. But as Narsingh now prepares to come back on track after being brutally derailed by envy and spite, the question remains as to why and how an athlete’s name could have been dragged into the mud so easily. Why is it so easy to tamper with an athlete’s sample, blacklist him for life, ruin his dream, and rob India of a medal?
Who will answer and be accountable for the undeniable turmoil that Narsingh endured over the past week? And should the govt order a CBI inquiry to get to the truth?