We are being continuously told that a deep and abiding sense of alienation after the killing of terrorist Burhan Wani has brought youth out on to the streets of Srinagar. We are being told that these youth are upset at the insensitivity of the administration.
Liberals and peaceniks will be the first to list the purported insensitivities heaped upon ordinary folk by an apathetic and cruel establishment. What they won’t tell you is the other side of the story. Today NewsX is in a position to tell you this other side. Video accessed by NewsX shows that Pak backed terrorists have infiltrated civil society and are poisoning the minds of impressionable youth.
In the video we will show you a Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist is seen participating in a rally organised by the Hurriyat conference. This man is freely ranting against India, exhorting the youth to take up arms against India.
The video proves that in large measure there is a noxious conspiracy being hatched by Pak and its agents to destabilise Kashmir. The video shows that in large parts not alienation against the Indian state but a conspiracy to instigate hatched by Pak that is pushing youth to take to the streets.