In a pre-plotted diplomatic provocation aimed at putting Kashmir on the table, Pakistan unleashed terror proxies to accord a threatening and ugly welcome for Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh.
Thanks to the benevolence of the Pakistani state, India’s greatest enemies Syed Salahuddin, India hater Yasin Malik’s wife along with thousands of cadre drawn from their terror groups camped on the streets, barely a stone throws from the Pak parliament, burnt Rajnath’s effigies and exhorted the youth of Kashmir to throw off Indian rule. To add injury to insult, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif cast aside political correctness and questioned India’s hold over Kashmir.
This twin provocation tantamounts to a diplomatic ambush on India. Pak’s cynical gambit violates diplomatic convention that forbids member states from raking up bi-lateral issues during a multi-lateral meet. Given this we need to ask whether India should now hit back with equal robustness or still lodge a strong protest by recalling Rajnath Singh forthwith.