Pakistan has spectacularly shot itself in the foot today. As Home Minister Rajnath Singh rose to speak at the venue of the SAARC conference, the Pakistan authorities blacked out his address. The media gathered there was forbidden from broadcasting his speech. Scribes were ushered out of the conference centre.
The reasons were not hard to decipher. Pakistan did not want the world to hear Rajnath’s speech. This is duplicity at its most brazen. Just a day earlier Pakistan thought nothing of allowing terrorists like Syed Salahuddin a free run to vent their spleen against India barely a few paces from the assembly. The moment Pakistan’s establishment realised that Rajnath was going to expose Pakistan’s terror and that his hard talk would end up embarrassing Islamabad, they shut him down.
They were right. Rajnath didn’t hold back. He called upon member countries of the SAARC to isolate nations that promote terror. He called upon member states to not allow anyone to eulogise terror or draw a distinction between good and bad terror. The reference to Pakistan is unmistakable. By pulling the plug on broadcasting Rajnath’s speech Pakistan has left no in doubt that it has something to hide and fears being exposed on the international stage.