Prime Minister Narendra Modi has drawn a line in the sand for political parties who are happy to compromise the national interest for a few votes. In Madhya Pradesh the prime minister unmasked Pak agents in Kashmir. He blamed a few for misguiding the youth so that they give up books and take up stones to pelt at the idea of India.
Though he didn’t name them, his targets were clear. The PM was unmistakably talking about Pak agents like the Geelanis, Mirwaizs and Malliks of the valley.
One can only hope that now that the PM has identified the plotters behind the unrest other political parties drop their petulant and self-serving demands of engaging these anti-nationals.
The Congress among others had demanded that the PM must break his silence, he has done so. The PDP, the BJP’s ally has said he must invoke Atal Behari Vajpayee, the PM has duly obliged.
So now why are these parties shifting the goal posts?