Lt Colonel Niranjan sacrificed his life defending this nation but today his family stands to lose their home to corruption. The municipal authorities in Bengaluru are adamant with plans to go ahead with the demolition of his home, a martyr’s home.
His family in all decency have offered to let the demolition go ahead but have requested for time to find alternate accommodation, a demand that other residents have been making as well. But the municipal authorities have decided to bulldoze their dreams. Though NewsX doesn’t endorse the encroachment of public land it seems in the case of the martyr Lt Col Niranjan and other residents the cure is worse than the malady.
In which country in the world would you be told after a few decades that the dreams you have built are built on a fraud? And more importantly in which country in the world would a fraud like this not lead to the resignation not just of municipal functionaries but also of top ministers. But here in India netas have ‘carte blanche’. They are even free to cheat the families of martyrs. Remember Adarsh, remember the Kargil coffins scam? That’s right your dreams and lives are subordinate to the greed of the neta-babu class.