As if the Union Minister for Sports hasn’t already embarrassed India in Rio by throwing his weight around in the typical ‘jante nahin mein kaun hoon’ swagger of Indian VIPs, we now have the spectre of the Haryana sports minister with his lackeys descending upon the Olympic stage. When asked why he wanted to go for an all tax payer expense paid junket to Rio, the minister brazened it out by offering the most laughable explanations. From his answers, it would appear that Haryana sports minister Anil Vij who is no stranger to pomposity, thinks it is his god given right to fly half way across the world to grace the Olympics. His objectionable stand is unprecedented.
In 2008, the Union government had ensured against any trips to Rio to those who did not have a direct role with the Olympics. Given this, NewsX wants to know why the Centre has cleared this mantri and his chamchas on a junket that will cost you and me Rs 1 crore.