This is a tragic story that could easily unfold in any city of this country. It is a story of officially sponsored corruption that has eaten into the dreams of ordinary honest citizens.
In Bengaluru today the bulldozers rolled out again to uproot the homes of a number of citizens who were cheated by a builder-babu-neta nexus and are today being singled out like criminals.
Even a martyr’s home has been marked for destruction over the next 2 days. The protests of the citizens have expectedly fallen on deaf ears which isn’t surprising because a number of netas who are wielding power are part of the scam as a whistle blower revealed today.
Nothing symbolises the role of the neta in this scam more than the 6-story tower constructed by the group called Reddy Jansangh linked to the Karnataka revenue minister. This building stares out as a beacon of corruption mocking the ‘aam admi’. It isn’t the only one. There are several such builder and neta-owned properties that haven’t been touched.
We want to know why. Are VIP buildings above the law? Are we all second-class citizens?