Nation At 9: AAP takes bizarre U-turn on Sandeep Kumar’s sex CD

The charades just don’t seem to end when it comes to the Aam Aadmi Party.
Less than 24 hours after sensationally sacking its women and child development minister Sandeep Kumar for allegedly being part of a sex tape, the party has now come out, bizarrely, in his defence.
In a blog, AAP spokesperson Ashutosh has claimed that there was nothing wrong in Kumar having a private and consensual act of sex with a woman without coercing her, and immediately pilloried TV news editors for making it a big issue.
What Ashutosh hasn’t been able to explain is why 24 hours earlier, the chief minister himself had sacked Sandeep and gone on record to term it a ‘shameful’ act that betrayed the AAP government.

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