Nation at 9: Rahul begins ‘khaat pe charcha’ but ‘kisans’ want ‘khaat’, not charcha

Rahul Gandhi took to the dusty roads of the crucible of Indian politics to try and forge himself back into the same frame as his arch rival, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Borrowing heavily from the PM’s lexicon Rahul Gandhi launched his kisan outreach called khaat pe charcha. But Rahul Gandhi was almost, excuse the pun, ‘cot’ on the wrong foot.
Moments after he addressed a gathering of farmers seated on khaats in rustic Deoria the farmers made off with the string cots. It was almost as if the farmers where more interested in the khaats than the charcha.
Look at UPA’s record on farmer welfare and it becomes clear that the UPA did little or nothing substantial to help the kisan. One simple statistic puts things in perspective: there were more farmer suicides in UPA mark I then NDA mark I. If the numbers came down in UPA-mark II it was only because of what is called the zero reporting phenomena in which states refused to categorise some farmer deaths as suicides borne out of agrarian distress.
Is the chaos witnessed at Rahul’s khaat pe charcha the proverbial writing on the wall for Rahul Gandhi?

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