Nation At 9: Anna writes off Kejriwal. Has AAP lost its ‘integrity’ halo?

Kejriwal is eyeing the national stage. He is hoping to win the elections in Punjab and Goa. He is hoping to take the place of Congress as the only real alternative to the NDA to Prime Minister Modi in 2019. His claim is based on one slogan: that the AAP stands for a new model of politics that puts transparency and integrity above winning. But a series of sleazy scandals are threatening to erode Kejriwal’s squeaky clean halo.
So much so that Kejriwal’s mentor Anna Hazare has been forced to declare that his protégé Kejriwal is no longer a national hope. Is the indictment damning and does it lessen Kejriwal’s claim to greater glory. First listen to Anna’s assessment and then let’s put the question out to debate.

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