Nation At 9: PM Modi’s 2nd attack on Pakistan, urges world to sanction Pakistan

Is Pakistan losing the perception battle on terror? that’s the big question tonight As Prime Minister Narendra Modi succeeded in getting the united states to join the growing consensus against Pakistan in south Asia. 
Launching his second strike in a week the Prime Minister called upon the world to consider isolating and sanctioning Pakistan whose competitive advantage as he said rests solely in producing and exporting terror. 
PM’s words have clearly had an effect on the United States that has warned Pakistan against blocking justice in the 26/11 case and asked it to dismantle terror infrastructure. 
The pressure comes even as a rattled Pakistan has decided to dispatch 21 envoys to different countries in a desperate bid to swing opinion in its favour. But with India and other south Asian countries producing reams of proof linking Pakistan to acts of terror it is going to be an uphill task for these 21 bureaucrats to convince the world.

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