Nation At 9: With ‘Achhe din’ on his mind, Kapil Sharma questions PM Narendra Modi

India’s most popular comedian Kapil Sharma took to twitter this morning taunting the Prime Minister for not delivering on his ‘Acche Din’ promise. He did this because he was anguished by the fact that the municipal corporation in Mumbai has forced him to pay a Rs. 5 lakh bribe.
Minutes after his tweet, a veritable storm was kicked up. Some appreciated Kapil for blowing the whistle on everyday corruption. For lending his voice to the silent majority of ordinary Indians who are routinely extorted by a well-oiled system that they are powerless against. 
Viewers may recall that speaking up against this low level corruption transformed Anna into a moral force for change. But unfortunately for Kapil the BMC somehow made it be known that Kapil paid a bribe because he was sanctioned for encroachments. 
Now documents have made their way into the public domain proving the BMC’s point. The moment these documents were aired on NewsX first many people began to ask questions of the alleged bribe giver Kapil. 
Like for instance can Kapil stand in moral judgement of the Mumbai municipality when he has been accused of breaking the law?  And also should Kapil have made corruption political by taunting the pm in his tweet?

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