Nation at 9: Truth behind J&K unrest — ‘Wahhabi ring fuelling violence’

Self-styled doves in Opposition and a league of peaceniks in civil society are pushing for greater and wider engagement among all stake holders including the Hurriyat or Pak agents in Kashmir. But the government is expected to disregard their views.
An internal assessment by the top minds in government has reached an alarming conclusion. NewsX has learnt that the government is now convinced
that the unrest in Kashmir is delinked to any demand for autonomy or to human rights violations.
Top ministers believe that the unrest is being actively fuelled by a Pakistan sponsored Wahhabi ring that aims to topple the democratically
elected government and set up a theocratic state. The assessment totally decimates the Opposition’s position that the current unrest in Kashmir is linked to the government’s failure to address the underlying causes that are alienating Kashmiris from India.

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