Nation at 9: Massive setback for Pakistan as landmark bill proposed in US Congress

By NewsX Bureau | Updated: 21 September 2016 , 11:36 pm
Nawaz Sharif has failed miserably to argue Pakistan’s case before the United Nations (UN) and by extension the global community of nations. So much so that today in the ultimate embarrassment 2 US Congressmen have introduced a Bill in the Unnited States Congresss to declare Pakistan a terror state.
Sharif never saw this tectonic shift coming. When he first landed in the United States 3 days ago he was strutting around as if he respresented the voice of the discriminated. He shot his mouth off about imaginary human rights attrocities in India’s state of Jammu and Kashmir without bothering to check his facts. Probably Sharif mistook his audience for the band of gullible ‘chamchas’ that pander to him in Pakistan.
The world saw through his show of righteous indignation. Not only because he couldn’t furnish proof but also because he never bothered to cover his own govt’s human rights abuses in Balochistan and Pakistan occuppied Kashmir (PoK).
The United Nations delivered the first snub by not even making a mention of Jammu & Kashmir in the secretary general’s speech. The United States was next to show the mealy mouthed Sharif his place giving him a tongue lashing about the presence of terror camps on Pak soil.
John Kerry even asked Pakistan to dimantle its nuclear stockpile. A visibly shaken Sharif was then seen skittering across the United Nations General Assembly avoiding reporters. The triple blows have left him reeling and instead of trying to spread lies about India, Sharif would do well to focus his speech on how to divest the world of the notion that Pakistan is not a terror state. But then again is it all a little too late.

First Published | 21 September 2016 11:36 PM
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Web Title: Nation at 9: Massive setback for Pakistan as landmark bill proposed in US Congress

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