Nation at 9: World exclusive newsbreak — Pakistan’s nuclear ‘axis of evil’

It is perhaps the biggest nuclear gamesmanship since Nikita Khruschev’s great gambit in 1962 that caused the thirteen day Cuban missile crisis, NewsX and the Sunday Guardian have learned from credible and highly placed foreign sources that the nuclear weapons being tested by rogue state North Korea are not only guided by Pakistan. 

But are infact lock-stock and centrifuge Pakistani Nuclear weapons being tested by the dictator of Korea.That’s right, Pakistan is not only providing the designs, the know-how, but also helping them build the nukes using North Korea as a proxy testing site in insidious defiance of the global proliferation regime. That’s not all; real time data collected by the Pyong Yang is being shared with Pakistan to improve the designs. We’re the first news agency to put this out, global ramifications are expected. Let’s break this down for you.

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