Nation at 9: PM Modi takes a stand on Indus, says, blood & water can’t flow together

The message was India’s, but the target audience was not just in Islamabad, but in every global capital. When Sushma Swaraj spoke in Hindi at the UN on Monday she exposed Pakistan on its terrorist and genocidal ways. But more crucially, an appeal was made to the world to end the lip service and actually back treaties sponsored by India to isolate and sanction terrorist states like Pakistan.

Even as Sharif’s lies were demolished, the world was reminded that it was Pakistan that had reneged on India’s goodwill by repeatedly sponsoring terror. Proof was presented in the example of a living terrorist captured by India. Pakistan was asked to look within Balochistan. In about 18 minutes Sushma Swaraj did what she had to do. A frustrated Pakistan is expectedly carping tonight. But even within our shores, the congress and others say they’re disappointed. So has the tide been turned against Pakistan? Will this be a moment of epiphany or are we struck between strategic restraint and strategic passivity?

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