Nation At 9: Col. Shrikant Purohit denied bail, wife cries ‘travesty’

This is the story of a decorated Army Officer who has been rotting in jail for almost 8 years after he was suspected to be the fount of saffron terror in India. A day after Lieutenant Colonel Shrikant Purohit was once again denied bail by the special NIA court, his wife Aparna has decided that she is going to go public with a grievance against what she terms is the selectivism of the court.
Aparna Purohit while resolving to appeal the decision of the court has alleged that important material that absolves her husband in not being given due consideration, while material that goes against him is given primacy by the investigators.
Aparna Purohit who spoke to NewsX feels that her husband’s case has become caught up in the politics over saffron terror.

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