Nation At 9: As more celebs back Pakistan stars, Salman Khan’s views amplified

Salman Khan has opened the floodgates of sympathy for Pak stars. More and more Bollywood biggies are queuing up to back him including his father who in fact has sarcastically attacked the media for questioning his son.
Om Puri, Nagesh Kukonoor are the latest to argue the case against a cultural ban against all things Pakistani.  Isn’t it a little rich to be speaking up for the  so-called  ambassadors of Pakistan’s peace constituency when some of them like Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan have not even tweeted to condemn the Uri attacks something they did after the Paris attacks.
Interestingly, each of these stars were quick to condemn the Paris attacks.  Why are the Bollywood stars instead of questioning the govt aren’t asking the Pak stars to first condemn the Uri terror attack?

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