Nation At 9: Team Arvind Kejriwal doubts army, but questions Mehbooba

It’s the irony of ironies. Even as the Aam Admi Party (AAP) was busy explaining and re-explaining how demanding proof of surgical strikes was not the same as accusing the army of lying, it’s minister decided to ambush J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti.
Kapil Mishra grabbed a microphone in Delhi to set up a rapid fire patriotism test. Questions like — Will you call Afzal Guru a terrorist? Will you say Bharat Maata ki jai? — were thrown at the J&K CM.
When we asked him why he was questioning Mehbooba Mufti and not his party chief, he said the question was anti-national. Simultaneously Aam Admi Party cadres were chanting against Pakistan outside the High Commission in Delhi. The BJP says this patriotism oneupmanship is all a cloud to deflect from the insult to our jawans.
Is it? That’s the question tonight.

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